Why invest with us?

We think Hansa Investment Company Limited offers a special combination of features that make it a valuable addition to any portfolio seeking long-term capital growth and income.


Unlike many investment houses, we are focused on managing a single investment portfolio, not a whole range of funds. So, we can put all our attention and resources into finding the best opportunities to enable our strategy to achieve its investment goals.


Our ownership structure, with a majority share ownership by the Salomon family provides exceptional stability and allows us to take a very long-term view of markets and performance – rather than chasing short-term returns.


Our focus on bringing together more unusual investments, included ‘unlisted’ investments and funds usually only available to professional investors can provide valuable differentiation and new sources of return. This can complement and enhance more traditional holdings in an investment portfolio.


We only invest investments ‘special situations’ opportunities that we rate highly – so investors get the full, undiluted potential of our best ideas working for them.

Active and unconstrained

There are no hard limits on what we can invest in any company, sector or market (although we do have guidelines). So we can actively optimise the most promising return potential. This also means our portfolio can be very different from standard market benchmarks and the index-tracking funds that follow them.

Shareholder oversight

As a publicly-listed investment company (rather than a pooled mutual fund) we answer to our shareholders. As a shareholder, you are kept fully informed of our activities and can attend and vote at our AGM.

Plus, our board, with a number of independent directors, aims to ensure the company is always managed in shareholders’ best interests.