Our purpose

Our mission is to deliver value with integrity through constancy of investment process, avoiding the conflicts of interest that can beleaguer larger investment firms. We adhere to our declared independent values and culture, strive to act clearly in all shareholder interests and aim wholly to meet their inter-generational expectations.

We wish to be independent and uncompromised to meet shareholder goals. The trust’s complete independence from the mainstream asset management industry ensures total focus on portfolio performance as opposed to asset gathering. This is our goal to maintain.

Close to 70 years of managing assets on behalf of the Salomon family has put prudent, long wealth protection for real individuals at the heart of HICL’s DNA. Our purpose is to offer shareholders and families with similar goals the same benefits fairly and consistently over time, whether large or small.

We look to our managers to remain nimble in their investment decisions as well as independently minded. We believe HICL’s size and flexibility allows it to hold unconventional investments that are hard for larger asset managers to include – and that private investors can’t easily access themselves. These are important attributes, benefits and values to the sound governance of the company.

We believe in maintaining our investment focus in line with shareholder expectations from us and not to drift from that, as a consistent and constant approach to protect and grow shareholders’ family wealth. HICL systematically identifies investments that are undervalued – with the freedom and conviction to hold these investments, until we can realise their full potential on behalf of our investors, in whose trust we act. We act with the freedom and conviction to hold investments until we can realise their full potential responsibly on behalf of our investors.

Our purpose is also to ensure that HICL is diversified and unconstrained for shareholder benefit –investing across funds and securities, private and public markets, and core and thematic investments to maximise potential. We look to optimise returns with well explored risk safeguards.