Our mission statement

We are globally diversified, multi-asset class
investors who seek to identify compelling investment opportunities in long funds, hedge funds, direct
global equities and private assets.

We operate without being constrained by benchmarks, but instead seek to conservatively grow capital over time through investing in a blend of best-in-class public and private equities balanced by more defensive all-weather investments.

Long-term, not short-term

In an investment world that is increasingly short-term in nature and momentum driven, we seek to invest for the longer-term, playing to our multi-generational roots.

Access to the world’s elite, best-in-class managers

Our long-term outlook, combined with our desire to form lasting multi-year relationships, makes us an attractive partner to many of the world’s elite funds, many of which are unavailable to large institutions and retail investors.

Dare to be different

Rather than seeking to replicate indices we look to identify those areas of the market that offer attractive upside, with careful consideration of risks that may incur a permanent impairment of capital, even if this means being unconventional. Importantly, we are nimble and act quickly when needed priding ourselves on being flexible and independently-minded, as illustrated by our investment in Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited.

Operating outside the bureaucracies of a large institution

By virtue of being a smaller, dedicated fund management group with significant internal investment, we share an alignment of interest and, importantly, are not driven by asset gathering for the sake of profit maximisation.