Our approach to investing

There are some things that make our approach to investing at Hansa Investment Company different and special. We’re also proud to harness our public investment company structure to bring real benefits to our shareholders.

A global diversified portfolio

Our investment portfolio is built to weather market uncertainty and capture appropriate opportunities wherever they arise. As well as being able to invest across global markets, we use different areas of our portfolio (e.g. core, thematic and diversifying) to navigate the market cycle – being more defensive or more adventurous as conditions require.

Using our own and others’ expertise

To meet our objective of generating long-term growth for our shareholders, we invest in shares (equities) and other securities directly. But we also seek out the expertise of other investment managers, whose investment approach and ethos align with our own. In this way, we can bring together best-in-class expertise – all in one portfolio.

Access to specialist opportunities

Including funds run by third-party managers also allows us to invest across many specialist areas of the market – from hedge funds to emerging markets to unlisted investments. Many of these funds are not directly available to private investors – giving our shareholders exposure to expertly-managed strategies they can’t otherwise access.

Flexible, independent approach

Whereas many investment managers are constrained by benchmarks, silo structures, and complex internal procedures and committees, we seek to invest nimbly. Our portfolio manager can make and implement decisions swiftly – allowing us to capture value, growth or quality opportunities in the market wherever and whenever they arise.

Fully aligned interests

The professionals who run Hansa Investment Company, including the Salomon family members who helped to shape the company, are significant shareholders in the company. So whereas other big investment houses focus on gathering assets, our focus is on delivering reliable share price growth.

“From alternative investment funds to private markets, our portfolio opens up many specialist opportunities that individual investors wouldn’t normally be able to access.”

Core to our investment process is a set of underlying beliefs that are fundamental to delivering excellent long-term investment performance and value creation.


  • A committed investor focused on strong, long-term returns
  • A believer in fundamental research and analysis
  • A conviction investor – selectively investing in opportunities in which we really believe
  • An exclusive portfolio – providing access to exclusive, institutional-level opportunities
  • An investor in companies with sound management teams, leading market positions, a resilience to change and generating high returns on capital
  • An active stock selector that can navigate markets
  • An investor with skin in the game – several members of the Board and our investment manager have significant holdings in the Company so interests are aligned with other shareholders’

What we’re not

  • A short-term trading fund aggressively turning over our portfolio
  • A momentum investor looking for the latest fad
  • An overly diversified fund – seeking to manage risk by diluting returns
  • An also-ran – holding investments already easily available to the retail investor
  • An investor in companies that are overly exposed to developed market consumers, reliant on government expenditure, or chasing the latest trend
  • A passive index-tracker that will fall when markets fall
  • A traditional fund manager with nothing at risk – typical charging structures mean many fund houses are rewarded by gathering assets rather than delivering performance