Our History

We build on more than a century of investment, giving us extensive experience of navigating markets and managing wealth on behalf of families and individual investors to meet their financial goals.

Hansa Investment Company traces its origins back to 1912 when the Alto Paranà Development Company was launched to develop forestry in Brazil.

Having become an investment trust company in the late-1940s, the company became closely associated with the Salomon Family, whose family trusts became substantial shareholders.

The late-1950s also saw the acquisition of a significant shareholding of Ocean Wilson Holdings Limited – a globally diversified shipping and industrial business, which is still one of our biggest portfolio holdings.

Over the following decades, the Salomon family helped to build the publicly-owned and independently run investment company we know today, with its focus on delivering reliable long-term asset growth for shareholders.

In 2014, the company adopted its current multi-strategy investment approach led by portfolio manager Alec Letchfield, with freedom to include best-in-class managers and strategies across global markets, sectors and asset classes.

Looking forward, the board and investment team are exploring how the investment portfolio can consider an even greater range of investments – to keep pace with market opportunity and optimise growth potential for our shareholders.

“We recognise that families want to safeguard their capital – but also grow it for future generations. Our multi-strategy approach gives us plenty of freedom and flexibility to invest in both core and specialist opportunities.”

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