Our capital structure and director holdings

How our company share capital is structured and current shareholdings in the company by the directors of Hansa Investment Company.

Capital Structure

The Company has 40,000,000 Ordinary shares of 1p (1/3 of the total capital) and 80,000,000 ‘A’ non-voting Ordinary shares of 1p (2/3 of the total capital) each in issue. The Ordinary shareholders are entitled to one vote per Ordinary share held. The ‘A’ non-voting Ordinary shares do not entitle the holders to vote or receive notice of meetings, but in all other respects they have the same rights as the Company’s Ordinary shares.
The two share classes trade separately on the London Stock Exchange, and therefore have different share prices. The Company is currently authorised (via an annual shareholder resolution) to repurchase up to 14.99% of its ‘A’ non-voting ordinary shares.

Shareholder Profile

The Company’s shares are held as per the below table, based upon the latest Shareholder Analysis from the Registrar (31st December 2023), and further purchases of shares by Directors since then:
Ord Share
Ord %
A-Ord Share
A-Ord %
Institutional & Wealth Managers16,335,40240.84%72,947,71891.18%
Private Individuals12,429,21631.07%3,202,8514.00%

Substantial Shareholders

As at 31st December 2023, the Directors were aware of the following interests in the Ordinary shares of the Company, which exceeded 3% of the voting issued share capital of that class.

No. of voting shares% of voting shares
Victualia Limited Partnership10,347,12525.9%
Sky Hill Limited1,720,0004.30%

William Salomon is interested in 10,347,125 of the shares held by Victualia Limited Partnership, representing 25.9% of the voting share capital. In addition, William Salomon has further interests in the Company’s shares; the total interest is detailed in the Directors’ Interests section below.

Director shareholdings

Our Board of Directors have the following holdings in Hansa Investment Company Ltd

Director NameOrd (voting)Ord % holdingA-Ord (non-voting)A-Ord % holding
W Salomon11,169,34527.92%3,587,1234.48%
J Davie45,0000.11%230,0000.29%
S Heidempergher6,4000.02%00.00%